Accent On Speech provides high quality accent modification services for clients who wish to improve their pronunciation of Australian English.

Providing accent modification services at an individual or group level, our consultants are qualified speech pathologists accredited in the Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Method.

The Compton Method is a proven, evidence-based technique derived from 30 years of research by Dr Arthur.J Compton,Institute of Language and Phonology, San Francisco.

Our comprehensive courses include training in accent modification, pronunciation, and speech clarity.

We provide face-to-face individualised programs designed to improve the pronunciation of the Australian English accent. 

Accent On Speech practices out of the Greenslopes Clinic on a per booking basis. 

To book an appointment with Accent On Speech, please contact Annie & Jenni on:

Phone: 0426 622 628 Email: or visit their website: